The Legacy of the Tehuelche

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Live Culture in Kosten Aike


The Tehuelches mastered the art of painting and creatively handled a wide symbology in their quillangos (Kai Ajnun), coats made with animal skins with the fur inward, unlike current fur coats.

What was visible was the animal flesh (which was not very nice), on which the Tehuelche women painted patterns that any modern fashion designer would envy, with almost mathematical precision.

Hospitality, a Trait of the Tehuelches 
Being invited to a canopy tent of the Tehuelches meant that the visitor would be more comfortable than in his own home. Even if he was an enemy, he could go on his whereabouts, sleep, eat and drink as he pleased and none of his hosts would ever enquire about the day of his departure. 

However, in order to be awarded such a privilege you had to be invited first. Surprise visits were not accepted, and you had to tell in advance through smoke signals, and await confirmation, otherwise your welcome would not be as warm. Many years later, Kosten Aike still holds the same care approach to its guests, and only emphasizes the need to tell in advance in order to secure your reservation.