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Outstanding manners at table

At lunchtime, the furniture of the Tehuelches consisted in pieces of leather or cushions where they sat Indian style; water was kept in animal bladders; hands served as cutlery, and even though sometimes they used a knife, it's worth noting that meat was torn with the healthiest teeth you can imagine.

The image arising from this description is very far away from what we now consider to be civilized. But apart from sitting on the floor and catching food items with their fingers, the Tehuelches never swooped on the food or rushed in order to grab it first, and they didn?t chew in a hurry, even though they might be starving. Good table manners were of the utmost importance, and food, obtained after a long time hunting, was a gift from nature that you to had to enjoy and also respect.

It is sharing this same spirit that Kosten Aike Hotel invites you to go through the menu and appreciate the flavours of regional cuisine.