Sustainable Hotel

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Bringing our grain of sand

We are a family business, committed to providing maximum comfort and quality in service to our guests, minimizing our impact with the environment, being constant in economic growth and acting in an ethical and responsible manner.

Leading our hotel segment in El Calafate, differentiating ourselves by our sustainable philosophy, based on fostering the social and economic development of the local community and a commitment to the environment, to help convert El Calafate, into a Calafate that can be maintained in the time by itself, without outside help and without the shortage of existing resources.

Sustainable Management Policy
Our commitment to the care of the environment was reflected from its beginnings when it was thought to build the hotel and then when it was shaped.
We chose a solid construction, oriented to use much of the day natural energy, with good thermal and acoustic insulation, and incorporating the building structure within its internal and external gardens in order to integrate the nature of the area into the hotel, within the environment of El Calafate.
We constantly train, evaluate performances to achieve better customer service and thus provide an excellent service.
We comply with current regulations related to the environment and biodiversity, historical heritage and cultures and safety and hygiene.
We promote the purchase of local products achieving a better development in the destination.
We take care of the environmental impact derived from our activity by applying actions aimed at reducing pollution, improving eco-efficiency and the responsible use of resources
We incorporate the principles of Sustainable Tourism and the search for continuous improvement in all our actions.
We communicate, encourage and generate sustainable participatory actions to interest and involve staff, guests and the community.
We are aware that without our wonderful natural beauty, the Hotel Kosten Aike would have no reason to be.
We share our good practices, so that in the future they are part of a multiplier effect.
By contributing our grain of sand every day we will be part of an important Sustainable Ecological Management in time